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  • Are you available on our date?
    We hope so! Please pop us a quick message on our contact page
  • Is there anything we need to check to have our wedding filmed?
    Only a few things - we will take care of the majority. As a courtesy, please check with your venue(s) that filming is permitted. We are required to obtain licences and permissions to film any music or performances that may occur during your event. If you are having a church wedding then a Church Copyright Licence is also required. There is lots of info on this here:
  • Our venue requires that you have PLI insurance - do you?
    Yes. We are insured for £10,000,000 coverage and can provide this to your venue on request.
  • What will our wedding film contain?
    Lots of lovely stuff! Typically our packages will give you all day coverage - from your preparations to your dancing - and can include full ceremony and full speeches if you wish.
  • Can we customise your packages?
    Yes! Your wedding film should be as unique as your day. Please feel free to get in touch with your thoughts and we can create a bespoke package for you.
  • How long will our film be?
    Our highlights videos are around 5 minutes. The duration of our feature length videos is usually between 30 and 90 minutes. Although this varies depending on the length of your key events (typically your ceremony, speeches & first dance) We do not cut anything major out of these films (unless you specifically ask!) as we think it is nice to relive these moments as they happened.
  • Why is wedding videography so expensive?
    We will always provide great results with professionalism and reliability. And we'll overdeliver for you. With a decade of experience in weddings and wide ranging experience across the videography industry, we'll capture your unique day like no-one else. We want you to relive everything beautifully and fully. We will get more coverage from more cameras than the majority of videographers. Your main events filmed with multiple cameras. And that's before we get onto audio - that's half the experience! We have discreet audio recorders and dedicated microphones that elevate our films. We capture drone footage as standard for all of our extended films for those amazing aerial shots of your venue. We will always be responsive and flexible to what you want from your film - we have no ego about this! Let us know what makes your day unique - what your plans are, who the super VIPs are, what the schedule is...and we'll be there for it all.
  • I've still got questions!
    No problem! We'll be adding to this page over time, but why not get in touch?
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